Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR12) states that it is a mandatory requirement to train all staff who through their work come into contact with asbestos containing materials. This includes all maintenance workers even though their work may not be intentionally on those asbestos materials. The accidental disturbance of asbestos materials and asbestos debris are real issues.

It is especially important when your employees are sent to other organisations sites.
They need to understand what information they should be receiving and what to do with it, or as is unfortunately still common what to do if they do not receive it.

Those who plan maintenance work would also benefit from Asbestos Awareness training or depending upon their role and responsibilities the Asbestos Management course. The Asbestos Management course would also assist those responsible for implementing your organisation's duty to manage asbestos in buildings.

Courses are usually delivered at the client's site or a hotel with a conference room.

Centrally located in Aylesbury courses can be arranged anywhere in the UK.

The course is delivered using power point presentation and optionally HSE videos.

Courses are tailored to suit each individual organisation and delegate's trades, roles and responsibilities and can be modified to include client's procedures and policies.

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Asbestos Awareness ½ day

Asbestos Management 1 day

Asbestos Awareness online training